The Demons of May

In my opinion, Blizzard has done an excellent job of selecting the artwork that went into the 2012 Diablo III Wall Calendar. So far, each and every piece that they chose has made me want to know more about it. My curiosity has inspired me to do a series of blogs that describe the awesome artwork that was featured for each month of the calendar. This blog is a continuation of the series.

The overall color scheme for the artwork for May on the Diablo III 2012 Wall Calendar was red and black. Accents of orange and yellow, that remind me of flames, highlight certain parts of the scene. It looks like something out of Hell itself, and with good reason. The focus of this piece are several, oddly shaped, frightening looking Demons.

Personally, I think the club that has not one, but two, swords stuck through it is an interesting choice of weapon. That’s a creative way to carry more than one weapon after you have run out of bag space! 😉 Why decide between slaying your enemies with blunt trauma or with stab wounds? Now, you can do both at the same time!

This particular piece of artwork is available as a downloadable wallpaper from It was added to their gallery on December 13, 2011. However, the website Kotaku has a blog post from 2009 that includes this piece of art. That particular blog talks about Blizzard adding the “Fallen Ones” to the Diablo III bestiary.

As far as I can tell, the name of this artwork is either “Fallen Battle Portrait”, or “Diablo 3 Demons Attack”. It was, at one time, released as a poster.

Sometime in 2009, Blizzard released a trailer video for Diablo III that showed off the many varieties of the demons known as “The Fallen”:

What are “The Fallen”? The short answer is that they were once demons from the Burning Hells that served Azmodan. He is also referred to as the Lord of Sin. Azmodan is one of the seven Great Evils (but is among the Lesser Evils). Azmodan once tried to use the demons that are now called “The Fallen” to usurp power from Diablo, Baal, and Mephisto, (the Greater Evils), but that plan failed. The result was that Diablo twisted these demon warriors into smaller, even uglier, forms. Azmodan refused to restore them to their original forms, because he felt that they were responsible for his plan’s failure.

Players who run into The Fallen in Diablo III will see them in their misshapen forms. It is worth noting that The Fallen also appeared in both the Diablo I and Diablo II games. The Fallen like to swarm, and they travel in large packs.

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