Episode 13 – Where in Sanctuary are Nevik’s Parts?

In this episode, Nevik is healing, Breja brings us news of Inferno, and Jen is making customized banners. It will all make sense, trust us.

275,000 D3 beta invites just went out! Did you get one? We hope so!

In This Episode:

* We read, and respond to, listener email from Noelwiz, Zestyclam, Dean, and Chronic_Fatigue. Thank you, everyone for sending us email at show@shatteredsoulstone.com. We love it!

* We read some awesome iTunes reviews from Shoot003, Chewylewy, and HotInTheCity. How exciting! We appreciate your reviews.

* We think you should check out the Diablo Inc. podcast, with Flux and Elly, because it is cool. 🙂

In Diablo Related News:

* 275,000 D3 beta keys!

* Did you make a really unfortunate choice of battle tag? Don’t worry! Blizzard will let you change it one time, for free. Choose wisely!

* Blizzard presents Blizzard Kidzz! Educational gaming experiences for children. We like the game called “Where in Sanctuary is Deckard Cain” Can’t wait to check out those graphics!

* Inferno is no longer a “flat” difficulty.

For more information about Inferno, we suggest you check out Force Strategy Gaming. Lots of info to be had!

* Here is where to find more from Force Strategy Gaming.

* Darkness Falls. Heroes Rise. Go make your customized banner for each class. Your banner will be available for you in game when D3 launches! You can add your own photo into it, or go with the artwork Blizzard has selected for that class.

Here is one Jen made for the Demon Hunter banner:

Playing Diablo 1 on a big screen TV… hellz yeah!

Here is one Jen made for the Barbarian, with the art Blizzard chose:

* Speaking of art… the Portrait of a Champion art contest will end on April 29, 2012. Create your best art of a hero, send it in, win epic IRL loot!

* Reveal Dark Secrets… or, enjoy the special stuff that is slowly being released as part of the countdown to the Diablo 3 Release Date! When we recorded this episode of Shattered Soulstone, a couple of things had been released:

* Developer Diaries: I

* Diablo 3: Book of Cain

Email your questions to us at show@shatteredsoulstone.com

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