Upcoming Diablo II Gaming Night #2

Show notes originally posted by Nevik

Did you miss our first Diablo II Gaming Night? Wish that you could have been there? Well we’re doing it again (and will continue to do so on a semi-regular basis) so make sure you don’t miss out this time!

Our second Diablo II Gaming Night will be held this Friday, February 3rd at approximately 6pm PST (9pm EST) and will run for at least a couple of hours. So what do you need to join in on the fun?

First you’ll need Diablo II (and Lord of Destruction if you want to be a druid or assassin) and get it patched up to the current version: v1.13d.

Next, go download Mumble if you haven’t already. Once that is taken care of you’ll want to add the following IP address and port information:

Once connected to the Mumble server the details of the private game name and password will be provided. This information will be included in the server message when you connect (if Nevik remembers to include that this time), but feel free to ask in chat and the details will be provided.

We will be more or less picking up from where we left off from our first gaming night which was level 8/9’sh. We will once again be playing on the US East non-ladder servers. There might be some slight twinkage (Nevik is itching to play a singing barbarian again) but for the most part come as you are, we’re just playing to have fun.

Even if you don’t have Diablo II you’re still welcome to hop into Mumble and chat with us as that’s the whole point of our sanctioned game nights. The entire night will be recorded again and will be put up on the feed for all to enjoy afterwards. So come out and chat it up about a game that we all love.

We look forward to looting with you!

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