Episode 7 – Beta Beta Beta!

Nevik, Breja, and Jen got together to record episode number lucky seven on Friday the thirteenth of January. In this case, our good luck prevailed over any potential bad luck that could have come from the rather ominous date that this episode was recorded on.

At least one of the hosts got a beta key for Diablo 3! You are going to have to listen to the episode to find out which host, or hosts, got lucky with Diablo. 😉

The sample you hear in this episode is from the book Archangel: Samaria, Book 1, by Sharon Shinn. It is narrated by Tamara Marston.

Episode Topics

* We read, and respond to, some lovely listener email from our wonderful listeners. Please send us more! We appreciate it.

* We announce what will be our new, regular, recording schedule. This should make it easier for all of you to know when to expect a new episode to be ready for you to listen to.

* We talk about Jen’s review of The Sin War: Scales of the Serpent, which is the second book in The Sin War trilogy, written by Richard Knaak. We tried our best not to be too “spoilery” with our discussion of this book.

* We go over a little bit of Diablo news, including:

Several helpful links from listener Ametous:
* A video of the Lore Panel from Blizzcon
* The infamous Best Buy Diablo sign
* The supposed release date given by G4
Thanks, Ametous!

* Diablo 3 Passes South Korea’s GRB
* Some interesting info about Follower Viability
* The rather small Diablo 3 Beta Patch 9 notes
* BattleTag Go make one!

Don’t forget to come join us on our very first Diablo II Game Night!

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