Episode 142 – How Far Will Your Money Get You?

Show notes originally posted by Vespertilio

In this episode Deadgreed brings up an age old problem with gaming and how it has effected and is continuing to effect the players. Are you ready for Halloween? Check out the results for the 2017 Pumpkin Carving Contest!

In this episode:

* Vesper and Greed talk about when they think the latest patch will drop

* Deadgreed brings up an ago old problem within almost all gaming communities

* Latest Blizzcon News and Contests

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* Special thanks to Shawn, Jason, and scanline for writing in to the show! We love your contributions!

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Links for you to Visit:

* http://diablo.blizzpro.com/2017/10/22/d3-school-necromancer-set-dungeon-locations/ – Necro Set Dungeon Locations

* http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/blog/21119692/2017-halloween-pumpkin-carving-contest-10-16-2017 – Pumpkin Carving Contest

* https://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/21120937/diablo-at-blizzcon-2017-10-19-2017 – Diablo at Blizzcon 2017

Valentines for Diablo Contest

Show notes originally posted by Nevik

Remember when we alluded to the fact that we had some more prizes to give out? Well it’s time to announce our second contest for the month of February, the month of loooooove. (Imagine Barry White just said that)

The Shattered Soulstone is excited to announce our Valentines for Diablo contest. This contest will be held entirely on Twitter and will be a judged contest (no random.org this time). All you need to do is to tweet a valentine message appropriate for the Diablo universe or the Lord of Terror himself and include the hash-tag #vd4diablo somewhere in the tweet.

It’s that simple! No need to include our show twitter since we’ll be keeping track of the entries through the #vd4diablo tag. Valentines for Diablo will run the length of February (every day is loooooove day) but the dead-line will be February 29th (leap year!) at 11:22 (33 secs) pm PST.

So what are the prizes? That’s the most important part right? Well just like our last contest we will be giving away three prizes for our Valentines for Diablo contest.

  • 15th Anniversary Music Collection CD
  • Diablo-head Night Light
  • Diablo III 2012 Calendar

Winners of the contest will be contacted via DM and instructed to prioritize the loot they’d love to see and we’ll work out who gets what that way. Unfortunately this time we’re going to have to limit the contest to North American listeners for the physical loot but fret not if you’re one of those awesome European folk. We’ll come up with something if we receive a winning entry from Europe.

So what are you waiting for? Get to tweeting! Creativity and wit are your friends! (Sorry Barbarians ^^);

December Contest

Show notes originally posted by Nevik

Who doesn’t like to win IRL loot? Obviously none of our listeners would deny their addiction to loot. Nope. No way. We’re all loot deviants. Why else would we lose our souls to this fantastic game?

We are running a contest, care of Dawnforge Productions, during the month of December. We will be giving away three prizes to three lucky loot-crazed listeners. All you need to do is to submit an email to the show or comment to this post about what your favorite Diablo class, or what class you’re looking forward to the most in Diablo 3.

We will be taking submissions up to 11:59pm PST on December 20th. We will then select three winners at random to win a prize from our loot chest. So what are we giving away? I’m glad you asked. We will be giving away the following:

  • iPhone 4 Diablo 3 Themed Clip Case
  • Diablo 3 Tyrael Wall Poster
  • 15th Anniversary Diablo Music Collection CD
So what are you waiting for? Get writing! Oh, and include your preference on which prize you would love to win. We can’t guarantee you will win exactly what you want, but we will do our best to match the winners to their preferred prizes. At least they’re all epic in their own way ^^;