Spewing Seasons – Episode 441

In this episode, I talked about discrimination at Activision-Blizzard; a review of Diablo IV Season of Blood; Recruit a Friend in Diablo Immortal; and a pus-spewing monster in Diablo Immortal; Also talked about an upcoming Developer Update Livestream, Maxroll’s tips on Season 30, Lords of Hell, Diablo III; Darkening of Tristram has returned! An overview of Diablo Season 30, Lords of Hell; and more!

Things mentioned in this episode:

  • Games Industry.Biz posted: “Ex-Activision exec accuses publisher of discriminating against “old white guys” (By Brendan Sinclair)
  • Windows Central posted: “Diablo 4 ‘Season of Blood’ review – rays of light shine through for Diablo’s endgame, but there’s still a long way to go” (by Jez Corden)
  • Diablo Immortal posted (on X/Twitter) a Recruit A Friend event
  • Diablo Immortal posted (on X/Twitter) about Drepsaigh the Blightspewer
  • Blizzard Entertainment posted: “Tune In To Our Next Developer Update Livestream” (Diablo IV)
  • Maxroll posted “Season 30, Lords of Hell!” (by Wudijo)
  • Blizzard Entertainment posted: “The Darkening Of Tristram Returns January 3, 2024!”
  • Blizzard Entertainment posted: “Season 30 The Lords of Hell – Preview”
  • Wudijo posted (on X/Twitter) the Maxroll Solo Push tier list for Season 30
  • Wowhead posted: “Diablo 4 Nominated for DICE Awards – Online GOTY, Role-Playing GOTY, Outstanding Original Music Composition” (by Jezartroz)
  • Wowhead posted: “More Events with Cosmetic Unlocks Being Added in the Future – Diablo 4” (by Arktane)
  • Wowhead posted: “Diablo 4 Season 3 Launch Date Confirmed – January 23” (by Jezartroz)
  • Wowhead posted: “Diablo 4 Needs a PTR – Here’s Why” (by Tharid)

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