Grand Slam! – Episode 410

This episode is a bit late because I spent a whole lot of hours on the Diablo IV Server Slam. Some of the topics in the show include: accessibility in gaming, “Danger Dumplings”, Diablo Immortal, and a whole lot about Diablo IV!

  • Can I Play That announced awards for accessible games
  • Inverse posted an article titled: “‘Danger Dumplings”: How Arachnophobia Inspired a New Type of Gaming Innovation”
  • Xbox Wire posted an article titled: “Xbox Partners with USO to Support Military Service Members and Their Families”
  • Blizzard posted “Purge Your Sin With The Season 13 Battle Pass”
  • @RodFergusson explains how playing on a controller changes the Diablo IV player experience
  • @Diablo asked players “Which class will you choose for the #DiabloIV Server Slam? (players had to respond with emoji)
  • Blizzard posted: “Tune In To The Next Diablo IV Developer Update Livestream” (It’s also on Twitch and YouTube)
  • @PezRadar answered a question about refunding a Seasonal Blessing and Smoldering Ashes
  • Wowhead posted an article titled: “Choosing Your Class for Diablo 4 Server Slam”
  • Blizzard posted “Help Us Gear Up For Launch During The Diablo IV Server Slam”
  • Wowhead posted an article titled: “NVIDIA Drivers Now Support DLSS for Diablo 4 Server Slam”
  • Jen tweeted about downloading the Diablo IV Server Slam on Xbox.
  • Jen talked about her experience in the Server Slam in this episode.
  • @RodFergusson tweeted about early access launch and main launch for Diablo IV
  • Wowhead posted an article titled: “How to Earn the Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy during Diablo 4’s Server Slam”
  • Dredscythe posted a YouTube video titled: “Paragon Boards…Why Are They Good? | Dred Cuts”
  • Wowhead posted an article titled “Paragon Board Overview for Diablo 4 Now Live”

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