Bobby Kotick Must Go – Episode 334

This episode may be hard to listen to for people who have been through certain kinds of abuse. Everything I talked about in the show is linked here in the show notes so you can pick and choose what you want to read. The short explanation is that CEO Bobby Kotick must go.

Things mentioned in this episode:

  • The Wall Street Journal posted an article titled: “Activision CEO Bobby Kotick Knew for Years About Sexual-Misconduct Allegations at Videogame Giant”.
  • has a copy of The Wall Street Journal article.
  • Wowhead posted “Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick Responds to the Wall Street Journal”
  • The Activision Blizzard website posted “A Message From CEO Bobby Kotick”
  • Game Developer posted an article titled: “Activision Blizzard doubles down on Kotick defense in all-hands meeting”
  • Polygon posted an article titled: “Bobby Kotick must resign”
  • IGN posted an article titled: “Former Blizzard Co-Lead Jen Oneal Says She Was Offered Equal Contract Only After Resigning”
  • Polygon posted an article titled: “Blizzard’s first female co-leader only got equal pay after tendering her resignation”
  • Massively Overpowered posted an article titled: “Activision-Blizzard’s Bobby Kotick hit with new accusations, Jen Oneal speaks up, employees walk out”
  • Eurogamer posted an article titled: “Activision Blizzard’s zero-tolerance policy on harassment won’t apply to Kotick, staff reportedly told”.
  • The Washington Post posted an article titled: “Activision Blizzard employees stage walkout, demand CEO step down”
  • The Washington Post posted an article titled: “Group of Activision Blizzard shareholders joins call for CEO Bobby Kotick’s resignation”
  • Kotaku posted an article titled: “Let’s Meet The Board Members Supporting Besieged Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick”
  • Bloomberg posted an article titled: “PlayStation Chief Criticizes Activision’s Response to Crisis”
  • Bloomberg posted an article titled: “Xbox Chief Says He’s Evaluating Relationship With Activision”
  • Wowhead posted an article titled: “Everyone Against Bobby Kotick – Xbox Joins Playstation in Condemning CEO”
  • Kotaku posted an article titled: “Bobby Kotick Actually Wrote Fran Townsend’s Deranged, Company-Wide Email”
  • Girls Who Code posted on Medium an article titled: “An Update On Girls Who Code’s Partnership with Activision Blizzard”
  • Axios posted an article titled: “Over 800 Activision Blizzard employees call for Kotick’s resignation”
  • Polygon posted an article titled: “More than 1,000 Activision Blizzard workers sign petition to drop CEO Bobby Kotick”
  • @ABetterABK tweeted: “We have just passed over 1K signatures”
  • @ABetterABK tweeted a link to a petition for people who support ABetterABK to sign to remove Bobby Kotick
  • posted a petition titled: “Remove Bobby Kotick From Activision/Blizzard”
  • Taliesin & Evitel posted a YouTube video titled: “Bobby Kotick is Toast – One Disgrace Too Far For Activision Blizzard?”
  • Blizzard posted “Diablo II: Resurrected Patch 2.3 Highlights | Coming Soon”

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