Half and Half – Episode 325

In this episode, I gave a short description of my Diablo III game play. From there I went through the latest shenanigans of Activision Blizzard, including a new lawsuit. The rest of the show is about Diablo games including Diablo III and Diablo II: Resurrected.

Things mentioned in this episode:

  • Activision Blizzard press release states they hired outside of the company
  • Vice posted an article titled: “Activision Blizzard Workers Accuse Company of ‘Union Busting’ and ‘Intimidation'”
  • National Labor Relations Board case against Activision Blizzard, Inc., Blizzard Entertainment Inc., etc.
  • @ABetterABK tweeted about their partnership with CODE-CWA
  • @CODE-CWA tweeted “We are proud to support ABK employees…”
  • Axios posted an article titled: “Activision hit with labor complaint”
  • Protocol posted an article titled: “CWA is charging Activision Blizzard with violating labor laws”
  • @ashleygjivik tweeted some helpful information about whistleblower laws
  • Wyatt Cheng (Game Director Diablo III) tweeted about his game play in Diablo III.
  • Levithan posted a YouTube video titled: about losing motivation, Paragon, Goals, and RIP Reviews
  • Hearthstone to Hell released Episode 30
  • @Diablo posted a short video asking which skills you will choose for your Diablo II: Resurrected character
  • Westmarch Workshop released episode 217 – “Catching Up”
  • Pure Diablo posted a Barbarian Throw Barb Guide
  • @Diablo tweeted about Diablo II: Resurrected now available for pre-order on PC and all consoles
  • Rod Fergusson (EP of the Diablo Franchise) tweeted – which you didn’t hear from him 😉
  • Annacake posted a YouTube video titled: Diablo 2 Resurrected – Beginner Guide and Tips
  • Adam Fletcher tweeted about the Diablo Bust and what it was based off of
  • Diablo website posted “Diablo II: The Story So Far”

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