Updated Ethereals – Episode 313

In this episode, I briefly talk about my week in gaming in Diablo III. I provided an explanation about why this episode was recorded later than usual. After that, I mentioned the updates done to some Ethereal items, interesting tweets from the Diablo Twitter account, and more.

Things I talked about in this episode:

  • @Diablo tweeted: “Your class choice is a window into your mortal soul”. Which class are you?
  • Leviathan posted a YouTube video titled: “Season 24 Preview Haedrig’s Gifts and Conquests”
  • Diablo website posted an update to some of the Ethereals in P.T.R. 2.7.1.
  • Leviathan posted his updated Etheraels gallery on imgur
  • BigDaddyDen posted a YouTube video titled: “Ethereal PTR Update All Classes, Nerfs/Buffs”
  • Mike Franchina posted his plague knight art – that became a Diablo III Necromancer armor set.
  • Westmarch Workshop released episode 211 – “Waiting Lobby Loading”
  • Hearthstone to Hell released episode 27
  • Maxroll has a LoD Spirit Barrage Witch Doctor Guide (Seasonal and Non-Seasonal) by Chewingnom.
  • Pure Diablo posted a blog titled: “Dealing with Diablo 2 Monster Immunities” by Swamigoon.
  • Heather tweeted two photos of her Lilith statue, draped in red fabric.

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