Episode 275 – Blessed Mother

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Jen’s level 64 hardcore barbarian is still trucking on after more close calls while hitting more obstacles. Luck was a little low this week as they rolled some difficult rifts and had some trouble taking care of some of the more pesky season journey challenges. After reevaluating their armor, they were able to push a little further and make some good progress.

  • Diablo Community Manager FilthieRich is looking for Diablo Content Creators! Find out more here!
  • New ideas for Season Journey – Find out more here!
  • Leviathan’s Non-Season Hardcore Demon Hunter Solo Greater Rift 140 run! Found here!
  • Rhykker’s video on The Witcher 3 Devs being brought in for Diablo 4! Find here!
  • 8K Diablo Intro Remaster! Watch here!
  • Lilith statues! Check them out here!
  • CarbotAnimation released DiabLoL 2 episode 6! Watch here!

In this episode:

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