Episode 255 – Brandy Goes From a Skill to a Class

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Shazam wasn’t in Discord much this week nor on Diablo because Animal Crossing has been taking the gaming scene by storm and has claimed even him. He heard of people making custom in game cosmetics so he decided to make Blizzard related in game content. Twitter seems to agree with the content he made.

Though Animal Crossing is addictive, Shazam managed to pull himself away from it to play some Diablo. After being talked out of playing a Hydra Wizard this season, he rolled a Witch Doctor, got to level 70, got steamrolled several times while attempting some greater rifts, then went right back to gearing a Hydra Wizard!

If you would like to see them goof off while recording the show, you can find the episode here on YouTube!

In this episode:

  • Shazam goes through his week in gaming with both Diablo and Animal Crossing
  • Diablo’s Community Manager, Brandy, moves on to another job
  • Jen’s Lore Corner episodes can be found at Book of Jen.
  • Shazam talks about other media.

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