Episode 218 – “Das Wa”… What?!

Show notes originally posted by Vespertilio

Shazam is getting burned out on Diablo and is looking for something else to do for a while to occupy his time. He has a few ideas but hasn’t quite decided yet. Interesting Nintendo Switch games are coming out later this month that he might get into for a while.

Deadgreed called off work for two days in a row for the first time ever! This week he has played a little bit of Diablo but doesn’t have much to report. More of his time has been spent in No Man’s Sky.

If you would like to see them goof off while recording the show, you can find the episode here on YouTube!

In this episode:

  • Shazam is getting burned out of Diablo
  • Deadgreed doesn’t have much to report in Diablo but has some things to share about No Man’s Sky
  • We have an email!
  • Jen’s Lore Corner episodes can be found at Book of Jen.
  • Deadgreed and Shazam talk about other media.

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