Episode 210 – Party Like It’s 2019!

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In this episode, Deadgreed and Shazam talk about groceries, Twitch two-factor authentication, and their weeks in gaming. There’s a lot of discussion about Season 17, including plenty of advice on how to get started.

We have a new giveaway for a Book of Tyrael! If you want to enter, join our discord and post in the “discord_suggestions” tab and tell us why you like books. Get in the giveaway soon so you don’t miss out!

In this episode:

  • Deadgreed talks about a grocery-related mistake.
  • Shazam rants about why you need two-factor authentication on Twitch, and how Amazon is not helpful either.
  • They both share their weeks in gaming.
  • Season 16 is over!
  • Big Daddy Den has a YouTube video called “Inarius Lazy Blood Storm!” for Season 17.
  • Quinn69 has a YouTube video called “LostArk Game Review Diablo Killer?”
  • Enter our Book of Tyrael giveaway by making a post on the Shattered Soulstone Discord.
  • Season 17 starts on May 17, 2019, at 5:00 p.m.
  • Deadgreed reads off his Season Start Out Guide.
  • Leviathan has a YouTube video called “[Diablo 3] How To Beat Demon Hunter Challenge Rift Season 17 Starter Guide”.
  • Jen’s Lore Corner episodes can be found at Book of Jen.
  • Deadgreed and Shazam talk about other media.
  • Wolfcryer will be doing his start of the new season event: Level With a Cause.

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