Jen’s Lore Corner: Squirt – Episode 002

Welcome to Jen’s Lore Corner, a podcast about the lore of the Diablo video game series. This podcast started as a segment on the Shattered Soulstone podcast. I decided to re-release those segments in their own podcast, with new episodes to follow.

In Episode 002, I talk about the small amount of lore we have about Squirt the Peddler.  She’s the little girl who sells goods to random, wandering, adventurers who come to the Hidden Camp. In this “tin foil hat” episode, I explain why I think Squirt is not a little girl at all – she’s actually an ancient god.

Before I recorded this episode, I took the time to write about Squirt. The post is titled “Is Squirt the Peddler a God?“.

It provides a few additional details that did not make it into the episode itself. You can also find a screenshot of Squirt’s Necklace (a Legendary Amulet) in that blog post.

As a note, shortly after this episode was released as a segment on the Shattered Soulstone podcast, someone pointed out that Squirt the Peddler was originally located in Caldeum Bazaar. Diablo Wiki says:

After Patch 1.0.4, Squirt had heard that many people bought potions at the Hidden Camp, so she moved up there. As of patch 1.0.6, Squirt the Peddler has also been found just NE of the waypoint in the hidden camp, and is the best vendor to sell all the trash acquired in Act II to.

Personally, I think my “tin foil hat” concept of Squirt still works. It sounds like the change of Squirt’s location was mostly done to make it easier for players to sell stuff when their bag got full while adventuring through Act II.

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