Episode 166 – I See the End!

Show notes originally posted by Vespertilio

Manlow is back with Greed for this brand new episode! They both catch everyone up on what they have been up to out of game and in game. The season is quickly coming to an end! It is getting to crunch time for completing your seasonal goals. The 1000 paragon club has been growing for our listeners. Send us what paragon club you have reached! We are eager to know!

If you would like to see them goof off while recording the show, you can find the episode here on YouTube!

In this episode:

* Manlow and Greed share what they have been up to

* Paragon clubs are growing, tell us what club you are in!

* Greed explains how much primal weapons can change your toons potential

* Season 13 ends on June 3rd

* Vesper, Manlow, and Greed thank the listeners for being no less then amazing!

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