Episode 130 – Taking it to the Max-imus

In this episode, Jen and Vesper share what they’ve been up to in-game. Maximus, everyone’s favorite weapon that spawns a demon on a chain that fights enemies for you, was mentioned.

In this episode:

* You might be wondering why you haven’t heard Lanntonio on Shattered Soulstone in a while. The reason is a sad one. The apartment that Lanntonio and his family were living in had a fire, and they lost almost everything.

There is a Fire Tragedy Fund GoFundMe set up to help Lanntonio and his family. Please consider donating to it if you can (and/or posting the GoFundMe on social media so others can help, too.)

* In addition, there will be a Dawnforge event happening on January 7, 2017, that is designed as a way to raise money for Lanntonio and his family. Jen and Vesper discuss a little bit about this in the show.

Not sure what book to get from Audible? Jen recommends The Devouring by Richard Taylor. Jen narrated the book, and Shawn (editor of Shattered Soulstone) edited it.

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Links for you to Visit:

* A Diablo Facebook Live Q & A was scheduled shortly before we recorded episode 130. Did you watch it? What did you think about it?

* Nevalistis posted an update on a Forum post called Focused Feedback: New Legendary Items. She gives details about The Barber, Faithful Memory, Hellcat’s Waistguard, and Manald Heal.

* Dredscythe posted a very detailed article on BlizzPro called Developer Hell # 3 – Challenge Rifts “Diablo’s Blood Sport”. Read it to learn about what already has been revealed about Challenge Rifts – and the potential of what they could become!

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