Episode 91 – Loopy Seasonal Gathering

In this episode, Breja and Jen were so excited to talk about Patch 2.3 and the upcoming Season change that they got loopy. Or, maybe that was due to recording later at night than usual. This episode contains the very first “Jen’s Lore Corner”, a new segment in which Jen talks about some of the lore in the “Diablo universe”. Let us know what you think about it.

* Both Breja and Jen have continued to work their way through Season 3. Breja is having success, while Jen is struggling (but not giving up yet).

* This month, Jen is participating in #Blaugust. It is one of those “write a blog every day for a month” projects. As a result, Jen will be writing a whole lot of stuff about Diablo III in August on her No Market Collective Blog. Those who are interested can check out the Diablo III Channel on that blog. If you want to read video game related blogs from other people who are doing #Blaugust, the best way is to search for that hashtag on Twitter.

* We did receive a few emails, but want to save them for the next episode in order to allow more hosts to respond to them. (We also have something fun planned with one of the emails). So, don’t worry! Your email did arrive save and sound. If you have something to share with us about Patch 2.3, the end of Season 3, the upcoming Season 4, or anything else Diablo related, send it to Show@ShatteredSoulstone.com!

* We reviewed the tweets that answered the previous Question of the Show, which was: “What should Jen play in Season 4 (HC): Monk or Wizard?” The votes were somewhat unexpected, but did yield an answer.

* Patch 2.3 is coming “soon”. It is currently on the PTR. We discussed Kanai’s Cube, and the potential it has. What do you think of Kanai’s Cube? Are you going to toss stuff in and see what happens? Or, would you prefer to figure out a recipe to use? What’s the coolest thing that came out of Kanai’s Cube for you in the PTR?

* We also talked about the changes to Rifts that Patch 2.3 will bring. Things are about to get a lot less tedious and more streamlined. Thank Akarat!

* Once again, it’s time for the Seasons to change in Diablo III. We discuss the dates that will happen, and review what happens when a Season ends (for those who are new to Seasons). Are you ready for Season 4? Did you get what you wanted out of Season 3, or are you still working on it?

* This episode has the very first “Jen’s Lore Corner” segment. It’s about the lore of Adria. Not every “Jen’s Lore Corner” segment will be this long – some might be shorter. Let us know what you think about this new addition to Shattered Soulstone.

* WE NEED YOUR HELP! Your participation can ensure that the fun Masterpiece Theater segment makes an appearance every show. Send your Official Forum Thread Masterpiece Theater audio segments (or humorous forum threads) to Show@ShatteredSoulstone.com.

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