Episode 70 – Shattered SoulCon

OMG! We haz a show! In this episode, Lanntonio hosts the show for the first time, Breja and Jen share stories from Blizzcon, and Nevik was absent for the first time ever. (Don’t panic! He will be back!) This episode also includes the “Post Blizzcon Round Up” hosted by Nevik and including several awesome members of the Shattered Soulstone community.

In this episode:

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Photos, Screenshots, and More:

Breja and Jen at World of Podcasts.
Breja and Jen at World of Podcasts 2014

@Pergosmaster made it to Level 25 in Hard Core in the challenge he created.
@Pergosmaster Vous Etes Mort

Breja with @CM_Nevalistis at BlizzCon.
Breja and Nevalistis

Story time with Wyatt Cheng! (@candlesan)
Story time with Wyatt Chang

Nevik got killed by the “Latency Boss”.
Latency got Nevik

Jen found Covetous Shen at BlizzCon! Photo by Robert T. (Check out his Flickr account for more awesome cosplay photos from Blizzcon).
Covetous Shen and Jen

Here’s Jen onstage at the “Tristram’s Got Talent” panel at Blizzcon – reading Covetous Shen’s lines.

* Links for you to Visit:

* Want a quick review of all the upcoming Diablo III stuff that was announced at BlizzCon? Check out the BlizzCon 2014 Round Up at Battle.net.

* Ready for Season 2? First Look: Season 2 has details about all the upcoming goodies.

* “Gather, Refine, Reflect”. Learn more about the making of a Legendary item in the BlizzCon Legendary Workshop Power Revealed blog post at Battle.net.

* Polygon shares the words of wisdom that Blizzard’s president and co-founder, Mike Morhaime, started off Blizzcon 2014 with.

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