Episode 20 – Kindred Spirits

Show notes originally posted by Nevik

In this GLORIOUS! twentieth episode Nevik, Breja and Jen are joined once more by our fourth musketeer, Lanntonio, to shake things up a bit. We start off the show discussing what we all have been up to in and out of game before tackling another healthy dose of emails as well as a pair of audio submissions. We also give our reactions to Mike Morhaime’s letter to us … err … the ravenous Diablo 3 fans.

In this episode:

* We received not one but TWO voice mails from our good friend Rho and the Papa Kangaroo himself, Medros. Each voice mail posed a really good question and sparked a healthy discussion.

* We read, and respond to, another mountain of email! Keep them coming! This batch came from: Silent, Commander Bird, Chad, John, Smokimus, and Master Do.

* We announced the winner of our screenshot contest, Str8UpJack! Here is his winning screenshot!

Links for you to Visit:

* Silent recommended a humorous video about the infamous Error 37. Check it out here!

* Our good friend Rho has updated his on-going blog series about the Sad Story of Diablo 3 with his thoughts on Act II and Act III. It should go without warning, but his impressions are spoiler-ridden so read at your discretion.

* Nevik mentioned a new resource site, Diablo 3 Market Watch, to help keep track of the Diablo 3 gold auction house trends.

* As part of our discussion resulting from Medros’ voice mail Lanntonio mentioned a video by Kripparrian where he (Kripparrian) gives ideas and tips for Blizzard to implement to improve Diablo 3’s “end game.”

Have a Diablo III related comment, question, story, or rant that you’d like to share with all of us? Send your email, or short audio comment, to Show@ShatteredSoulstone.com.

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