Episode 19 – QueenofSmash

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In this episode, Nevik, Breja, and Jen return to share what they have been up to in Diablo III since the last episode. Nevik’s gone back to his Sorceress. Breja has stayed with his Witch Doctor. Jen has been neglecting her Demon Hunter, and playing something else instead:

Smash all the things!

Well, that’s the short version of what we have each been doing in Diablo III lately. Listen to find out more!

In this episode

* We read and respond to email from our amazing listeners! This time, we got email from Rilandune, Commander Bird, and Statman.

Got a Diablo III related comment, story, or rant that you’d like to share with all of us? Send your email, or short audio comment, to show@ShatteredSoulstone.com.

* We got some lovely iTunes reviews! This batch came from Luekin, Sandwichbull, Glenn B, Sangera, mikem65, and spiffyfitz. Thank you, everyone! We appreciate that you took the time to review our podcast.

* Nevik has been blogging! Check out Nevik’s Notebook to find out more details about the current build that Nevik is using with his Sorceress, and his experiences with the auction house and Inferno.

* Rho, one of our wonderful listeners, has continued blogging about his in-depth impressions of the story in Act 1. This is part of an ongoing series, is well written, and well worth checking out. Before you head on over to his blog, please note that some of the information there could be “Spoilery” for those who have not yet completed Diablo III.

* Those of you who are unconcerned about potential “Spoilers” will also enjoy a blog post written by Matthew Rossi about his thoughts about the plot threads in Diablo III. Again, this does contain “Spoilers”, so be aware of that before you go over there to read it.

In Diablo News:

* The character builds used by the Developers has been revealed.

* Character profiles are coming “Soon”.

* The Diablo III Game Guide has been updated online.

* Magic Find and its efficiency

We Haz A Contest!!!

Jen recently discovered how to find the Diablo III screenshots that had disappeared somewhere into her Mac. If you are using a Mac, and don’t know how to find your screenshots, go here and follow along.

Those of you who use a PC won’t require those directions.

Jen found this epic screenshot, from the beta, (and it made her day!)

This contest, like the last one, is only open to listeners who are within the US or Canada. The reason for this restriction is entirely due to shipping costs.

For this contest, we want you to send us the most epic Diablo III screenshot that you have taken. This will be a judged contest, and one screenshot, that is deemed to be the most epic of them all, will be the winner. Someone will win IRL loot of a Hard Cover Diablo III Limited Edition strategy guide.

Take your best shot, and send it to Show@shatteredsoulstone.com. Leave the email blank except for the screenshot. Put something like “Screenshot Contest” in the subject line, to let us know that this is your entry to the contest. The deadline to enter is Friday, July 27, 2012, (before we record episode 20).

Email your questions to us at show@shatteredsoulstone.com

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  1. Another good podcast. love that you focus on emails and mine is read. keep up the good work and love hearing your podcast over and over

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