Episode 18 – Building a Story with a Mountain of Email

Show notes originally posted by Nevik

In this episode, Nevik, Breja, and Jen tackle a mountain of email from our awesome listeners. We really appreciate each and every email, comment, and voice mail that we get. You guys rock! Our “4th Musketeer”, Lanntonio, wasn’t available for this episode, but we are certain he will return for some upcoming shows.

This episode also includes an update from Nevik, Jen, and Breja, about what we have been up to in Diablo III since the last Shattered Soulstone episode.

In this episode:

* We got our very first audio segment from “Mrs. B”! It’s really funny, and we know you will enjoy it.

* We read, and respond to, an entire mountain of email! This batch came from: Sayomara, Kenmoe, Rilandune, Light, Commander Bird, Hasteur, and Rho. Thanks, everyone!

* The email from Rho contains massive spoilers of the Diablo III game, so we decided to read it and discuss it after the end of the show. This way, those of you who are trying to avoid the spoilers can, and those of you who want to be spoiled, or who have already completed Diablo III, can check it out. It led to a great conversation.

* You might have noticed that this episode ran a bit longer than usual. This is thanks to all the wonderful contributions from our listeners. We just might have to start doing weekly episodes, if we continue to get this much email in between shows. Want to help make that happen? Send your comments, questions, rants, screenshots, or audio voice mail to show@shatteredsoulstone.com.

Links for you to Visit

* We recommend the Grand Old Podcast, which is Sayomara’s show. He reviewed Moon of the Spider by Richard Knaak in episode 49, and Diablo III: The Order by Nate Kenyon in episode 51.

* Breja mentioned the WillConn Gaming Network. This is our listener, Meurig’s, network. It is “Your portal to the gaming world…” Part of that network includes Deckard Cain’s Library, which is filled with great information that every Diablo III Hardcore player needs.

* Go Here to learn more about the Vision Quest build for Witch Doctors that Breja has mentioned.

* Rilandune included some Apple Hate in his email. This is the link he included about the Apple standalone app for podcasts.

* Rho, who sent us a really well written email (that contained spoilers), has an equally well written blog. Go check out World of Rho to read some interesting insights into the Diablo III game. You may want to start with a post called Diablo 3: Worth Every Penny I Paid For It.

* Nevik has been writing on his blog, Nevik’s Notebook, quite a bit about his opinions of, and experiences with, Diablo III. It is well worth checking out.

5 thoughts on “Episode 18 – Building a Story with a Mountain of Email

  1. Hi, Nevik Breja and Jen. I just got done listing to episode 18. Love the show! I heard nevik talking about skulls and other jems. They should put jewels back into the mix. I’m rock’n a level 60 barb and witch dr. Working on the demon hunter next.

    Gamertag MDB3

  2. Jen,

    On small nit to pick, Tyreal was not the head of the Cathedral of Light in the Sin War Trilogy. It was Inarius – http://www.diablowiki.com/Inarius. Tyreal stepped in and saved Sanctuary from being wiped from existence, as Imperius would have wanted.

    Great show as always, Keep it up.


  3. Smokimus,
    Yep, you are absolutely right about that.

    I’m fairly certain that I confused the two because I was pretty darn sick when we recorded that episode. Went to the doctor the day before, and was fighting a major sinus infection. The day before, I was damned near delirious from a high fever. If the only thing I got majorly wrong was confusing Tyreal with Inarius, then I figure that’s not too bad, considering. 🙂

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