Episode 14 – Lanntonio’s Wall of Crit

In this episode, Nevik and Breja are joined by Lanntonio, (the “font of knowledge”). Thank you, Lanntonio, for stepping in even though you got rather short notice. 🙂

You won’t hear Jen in this episode, because they got mobbed by an epic pack of allergens, led by a rare monster called “Springtime”. It only spawns once a year! They used some healing potions, but they weren’t quite enough to enable them to be ready to podcast this time around.

In This Episode

* We read, and respond to, listener email from Chaos5061, Lanntonio, Smokimus, RhoWoW, and Kurly. Thanks, everyone! We love when email from our listeners appears in our inbox at show@shatteredsoulstone.com.

* Chaos5061 mentioned Eyefinity and Wide Screen Fixer.

* We talk a bit about our recent Diablo Gaming Night #3. The hosts of Shattered Soulstone took advantage of Blizzard’s Open Beta weekend, and had the first, (and only), D3 beta gaming night. It was really fun! Give it a listen.

* We are making a list of Soulstoners Battle Tags. Let us know if you want us to add yours to the list!

* We share with you “A Noob’s Look at Getting Started in Diablo III”. This should help those of you who are brand new to the Diablo games to be able to jump into Diablo III and start playing.

* We recommend that you check out Diablo Off The Record, a brand new Diablo podcast.

In Diablo Related News:

* The D3 beta ends on May 1, 2012.

* Diablo III: The Order by Nate Kenyon, is available for preorder. You can read a preview of it now. The book comes out on May 15, 2012… (yes, the same day that Diablo III launches).

* There will be Global Play!

* Check out the Armor sets in D3. Awesome!

* What did you think of the Diablo III commercial? Did you like it better than the commercial for Diablo II?

* Where to find a Launch Event.

* The Daily Diablo provides some giggles.

* This could make your head hurt. (But check it out anyway, because it is cool!)

Other Randomness

* Christina Sims photos of her amazing costume and cosplay of the female monk.

* Nephalem Valor

* “I am the Wizard!”

Email your questions to us at show@shatteredsoulstone.com

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