Episode 9 – At Least Two Titles

Nevik, Breja, and Jen recorded this episode rather late on Saturday evening. We were all kind of tired, but somehow managed to put together a fun episode of Shattered Soulstone, anyway. As always, we had a lot of Diablo related stuff to discuss.

Episode Topics

* We read, and responded to, email sent to us from our wonderful listeners! This time, we got email from Rahtahr, Ametous, and Smokimus. Send us you Diablo related thoughts, questions, or observations, and we will happily read it on a future episode of Shattered Soulstone.

* We talk about our second Diablo II gaming night. Did you miss it? You can listen to the highlights of it, skillfully edited together by Nevik. Check out the awesome poem he reads at the end! 🙂

* We briefly discussed a very well written forum post called From A Diablo Veteran (Rant It Up). It was written by Tavus, 85 Undead Rogue, from the Blood Bath and Beyond guild.

* Jen did a review of the last book in The Sin War trilogy, The Veiled Prophet. It was written by Richard Knaak. Don’t worry, we didn’t put any “spoilers” about the book into the episode!

* We go over news about some Blue Posts regarding the Annual Pass, and the frustration many players are feeling about the delay of the release of Diablo III.

* Bashiok answers questions. We comment about some of what was said.

* Calavera666 created “And the Heavens … Shall Be Delayed” Go take a look!

Obscure References
* E.P.E.E.N.
* Arthas
* Snu Snu

Email your questions to us at show@shatteredsoulstone.com

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